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2018 “Fabio Casartelli” thrills everyone amidst memories and smiles

Albese con Cassano (Como, Italy) hosted a special Sunday with Mediofondo and Randonnee in memory of Fabio Casartelli, the Olympic champion untimely dead in 1995

23 september 2018

Whenever the regret for the too early loss of Fabio Casartelli, tragically dead on the Col de Portet-d’Aspet downhill, turned to the absolute joy to share a special Sunday, the 20th Mediofondo dedicated to the Olympic gold medallist in Barcellona 1992 found its perfect meaning.

23 years after that tragic crash at Tour the France 1995, the beautiful Como Lake‘s surroundings welcomed plenty of 4-fun riders in Albese con Cassano, Fabio Casartelli’s hometown, to enjoy a sunny day they will not soon forget.

More than 500 riders from Italy and Belgium rode the three routes throughout the amazing Como hinterland’s landscapes with no stress, although the  most competitive riders had a chance to tackle the two engaging uphill time trials – Bellagio-Ghisallo and Wall of Sormano, the “Tour of Lombardia” historical climbs. Team Vanzavilla took the first place, ahead of Genova 1913 and “La Gioiosa” Sport.

As part of the event itself,  the Randonnee along the same Mediofondo’s 58-km way also took place gathering families, all on saddle for a happy ride in friendship.

Former basketball Italian champion Pierluigi Marzorati, in his office of Fabio Casartelli Foundation‘s President, summed up the event’s head tail in a few words. “We had not an easy task to organize the whole and we’re aware of all that we can do better, however the spirit and the feeling still remain the core to keep us linked to Fabio and his family”.

Along Fabio’s parents and his wife Annalisa, everyone remembered a great athlete but also a man with high values, beloved for his kindness, modesty and warmth. Casartelli’s teammate Roberto Conti also joined the event in Albese con Cassano sharing some touching souvenirs: “Above all, I can remember a training stage with Fabio that gave both of us the opportunity to know each other and make friends. He was a nice, lovely guy, I really miss him, the same goes for anyone who had the chance to meet him”.