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Fabio Casartelli lives again in his 20th Mediofondo

On July 15, 2018 (postponed to September 23rd) Albese con Cassano (Como, Italy) will host a special edition of the event – dedicated to families and riders – in memory of Fabio Casartelli, Olympic champion died in 1995

29 april 2018

Almost 23 years later July 18, 1995 (postponed to September 23rdwhen Italian rider Fabio Casartelli tragically died during the Tour de France 15th stage because of a fatal crash on the Col de Portet d’Aspet downhill, his hometown Albese con Cassano (Como, Italy) and the world of cycling as a whole are still keeping memory of the Olympic gold medallist in Barcelona 1992.

Albese con Cassano will host the Mediofondo “Fabio Casartelli” 20th edition next July 15 remembering the unlucky champion. The organizing committee has planned three different routes: short (58 km), medium (75 km) and long (114 km). The Mediofondo “Fabio Casartelli” is designed to 4fun riders but a surprise has in store for the competitive riders of both gender: two engaging uphill time trials – the Bellagio-Ghisallo and the Wall of Sormano, the “Tour of Lombardia” historical climbs.

The Mediofondo 20th edition will gather big champions of the cycling world, former or current riders, including Casartelli’s friends and old-teammates. All together in the Olympic champion’s hometown remembering a great athlete but also a man with high values, loved for his kindness, modesty and warmth.

Albese con Cassano will never forget Fabio Casartelli. The registrations are now open (click here).