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The Foundation

In June 13, 1996 the Association “Fabio Casartelli Foundation” was born, promoted by 95 members. Gianluigi Luisetti and Pierluigi Marzorati – President since 2002 – were among the founders. The Association became Foundation in 1998 with the following goals:

  • Fund-raising in favour of athletes, former athletes and their families least well off;

  • Scolarships for young and worthy athletes to enable them to continue their studies;

  • Fund-raising in favour of young people’s education and their inclusion in the social environment;

  • Organisation of congresses, exhibitions, debates, study meetings, sports and cycling events.

The work of the members before and the friends of the Foundation then has brought far-reaching results. The donation of an ambulance for the rescue service is one of them. Other achievements:

  • Subsidies granted to “Nostra Famiglia” of Bosisio Parini (Onlus for the rehabilitation of the disabled), to “Talea” (Onlus for the people with disabilities in Albese), and to “Insieme si può” (Onlus for remote adoption in Albese).

  • Contribution to implementation of a school with dorm in Kenya;

  • Donation of tandem to “Associazione Nazionale non vedenti” (National Association for blind people) in Como;

  • The “Art, Sport and Territory” symposium with the participation of Italians Fabio Ceschina, Alcide Gallani and Bruno Luzzani, Iberian Yolanda Spinola Elias and Japanese Kenji Takahashi. In the symposium the sculptor Bruno Luzzani unveiled the monument in memory of Fabio Casartelli on the Mediofondo “Fabio Casartelli” start.

  • The memorial relay race from Ghisallo Madonna’s Sanctuary to Col de Portet d’Aspet during the 1997 Tour de France;

  • 21 editions of the “Memorial Fabio Casartelli” (reserved to “Giovanissimi”) in collaboration with the G.S. Alzate Brianza (Casartelli’s first team);

  • 20 editions of the “Mediofondo Fabio Casartelli” in collaboration with the G.S. Spina Verde before, with the Masneri Impianti then and today with the Formaggilandia 2 of Roberto Maggioni, Casartelli’s friend and former teammate;

  • Ecological cycling “Amici di Fabio”, first edition in 2013;

  • Support for the former rider Luca Panichi, forced on a wheelchair due to a race accident;

  • Various sports events denominated “…dai il meglio di te stesso…” (“…do your best…”)

  • School contests about the road safety including “A Ruota Libera” e “Angeli della Strada”;

  • Donation to restore the monumental church organ in Albese plus the concerts in memory of Fabio Casartelli in Albese and Saint-Girons, where the stage of the Casartelli’s death started.

  • Organization and participation to the exhibitions in memory of Fabio;

  • Support and representation for the openings dedicated to Fabio (cycle paths, pedestrian bycicle streets, etc.);

  • From 1996 onwards, the friends of the Foundation promote a yearly trip to France (Portet d’Aspet, Lourdes and Saint-Girons) where they meet up with the French authorities and the athletes in memory of Fabio.

“We’ve done a lot – said the Italian former professional basketball player Pierluigi Marzoratibut we still have to do so much to onorate the memory of Fabio Casartelli, great champion and man with old-fashioned values. I took the President role of the Fabio Casartelli Foundation because I would like to express my gratitude to Fabio, my great friend for a too short life time. The friends of the Foundation deal with prevention and safety, starting from Fabio Casartelli’s experience”.

Fabio was always ready to help everybody, particularly for the less fortunate. He supported and participated to the events in favour of disables. The Foundation goal is to keep with the Fabio’s works so that his memory can live forever.

Organization chart

Pierluigi Marzorati – President
Gianluigi Luisetti – Vice-President
Luca Grammatica – Counselor
Luca Panichi – Counselor
Pietro Masneri – Counselor
Michele Re – Counselor
Marco Saligari – Counselor

Counselors without voting rights
Annalisa Rosetti
Marco Casartelli
Sergio Casartelli
Rosa Luisetti

Gianfranco Melli