The route begins with undulating roads through the inland areas of Como. At around kilometer 28, the sight of the beautiful Lake Como indicates that only 6 km remain before the Onno climb, a roughly 5 km ascent of medium difficulty. Then, finally, a few kilometers of descent, but pay attention to the long false flat at the end. It might seem insignificant, but it will make itself felt!

Departure from Albese con Cassano on via Don Sturzo, onto via Roma, then via Montorfano to the roundabout, turning left onto SP 639 Viale Lombardia towards Erba, which is reached after a descent of about 3 km. From Erba, continue on SP 639 along a flat route, skirting Lake Pusiano with a splendid view of the Cypresses Island.

After passing through the towns of Pusiano and Cesana Brianza, you reach Suello, where at the roundabout, you leave SP 639 turning right onto SP 49 towards Oggiono, crossing over the SS36 overpass towards Oggiono.

In Oggiono, at the roundabout intersection with SP 51, turn left towards Lecco. Descend with views of Lake Annone, pass under SS 46 towards Civate, overpass the old highway to Lecco via Giovanni XXIII, turn right towards Valmadrera via Santa Vecchia, via 25 Aprile, viale Promessi Sposi until the roundabout of SP583, then turn left towards Bellagio.

Enter the tunnel (watch out for lights and reflective jackets), continue on a flat road along Lake Como until the entrance to Onno, where you turn left and the road climbs towards Valbrona and Asso. The climb of "Onno" is approximately 5 km and of medium difficulty. Reach Valbrona and at the entrance of the village on the right is "la Fontana del Ciclista" where "Commissario Saligari" offers drinks to everyone.

After refilling your water bottle, continue slightly downhill towards Asso, joining the Valassina road (watch out for the intersection).

Descend towards Asso, and reach Canzo where at the roundabout at the entrance of the village, turn right towards Ponte Lambro SP40. After passing the Caslino and Ponte Lambro junction, the road begins to rise, enter a small tunnel, reach the intersection with SP 37, at the roundabout turn right and gently ascend towards Albavilla (via Como and via Brianza), this is the final effort.

At the end of the climb, continue on via Brianza (3rd exit) and descend towards Albese on a slightly downhill false flat.

At the entrance of the village, pay attention to the double left-right curve, after which, approximately 150 meters, turn left onto Via Colombo, then right onto via Don Sturzo, and after 58 km, you reach the finish line.

Onno - Valbrona Climb (5.2 km)
Elevation gain: 289 meters
Average gradient: 5.6%

Total elevation gain: 418 m (main climb: Onno 293 m)

Albese 405 – Albavilla 416 (elevation gain 11 meters)
Onno 201 – Valbrona 494 (elevation gain 293 meters)
Caslino 332 – Erba Buccinigo 370 (elevation gain 38 meters)
Erba Buccinigo 344 – Albavilla 420 (elevation gain 76 meters)


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